6 reasons why its okay to feel fear

Why you feel fear

Fear is not the enemy. Generation-Y is deemed to be the generation of choices, and as more Millennials begin to embrace all of their passions, they need to understand that with passion comes an inevitable sense of fear. Most humans will spend their lives running from fear. BIG MISTAKE! Learning how to embrace and channel fear will turn that negative energy into something you can work with, not work against.

Ever notice how sometimes it can be easier to attain something you don’t care much about? We may still want it, but because our passions aren’t fueling for it there is an absence of fear and negative energy, which allows it to come into our lives much easier. If we can learn how to feel our fear in a way that channels positive energy, we can use fear to fuel our fire for success.

I am here to explain to you that anyone who has ever told you not to be afraid of anything was wrong. Here are 6 reasons why it’s okay to feel fear:

1. Fear is a Natural Survival Instinct

We would not be living without fear. Fear is a biochemical reaction that has been vital for our survival. Fear brought us to 2014! So BE GRATEFUL FOR FEAR. We wouldn’t exist without it.

2. Fear Takes Us Out of our Comfort Zone

Fear takes us out of our comfort zone, or in other words, the day to day duties and responsibilities that we’ve become accustomed to.  Without fear, we wouldn’t push ourselves to try harder, work longer or attempt to accomplish things we never have before. We would be doing the same things, everyday, because nothing is pushing us to do otherwise. When you feel the fear that comes with trying something new, get excited about it. Don’t shy away.

3. Fear is a Sign that you are About to Experience Greatness

Nothing great can ever be accomplished without facing fear. The most powerful and successful people in this world feel fear, stress, and anxiety everyday, and they use these emotions to their advantage to create greatness. Fear is the fuel to your creative fire. You don’t think Beyonce is afraid before she goes on stage and puts on the most elaborate routine in 6 inch stilettos? Of course she is! but she conquers that fear every single time, which is why she was recently named Apple’s 2014 Artist of the Year.

4. Fear builds confidence

It’s one of the oldest phrases in the book, and it deems true time and time again. What doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger. Doing something that scares you will only build your confidence, as self confidence is defined as the result of having successfully survived a risk. As children we are natural risk takers, but as we grow older we become fearful of experiencing failure. If you want to keep learning, if you want to keep growing, you have to be willing to take risks. Start off with small risks to build your confidence so you can conquer the bigger challenges when they come knocking at your door.

5. Fear inspires action.

When you begin to really visualize and become passionate about achieving your wildest dreams, fear is a package deal with that passion. You cannot escape this. If you embrace this fear positively, you will generate that push that will inspire you to begin to take action on your goals.

6. You Will Not Succeed Without Fear

Take a second to think about some of the people you know that have never really taken risks. Where are they now? More than likely they are in the same place they were few years ago doing the same things that they have always done. In order to achieve the success you’ve always wanted and turn the impossible into possible, it is vital to embrace fear. Fear needs to become your new BFF. If you let fear take over, you may never be able to escape it, and there is nothing worse then living with regret of not doing something you always wanted to do. So Feel the fear and do it anyway!

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