7 Times I Embraced Fear that Resulted in Absolute Greatness

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Fear is a sure sign that you are about to experience greatness. I took the time to share with you 7 situations in which I chose to embrace fear that would result in life-changing experiences.

1. Going away to college

It took some time getting used to being away from home, but my four years at SUNY Cortland created the fearlessly ambitious & confident person that is writing this blog. I met the greatest people that today remain my best friends and future brides maids. I sang in three choirs, danced with a hip-hop dance team, pledged a sorority, worked for ESPN at the NY Jets training camp, anchored the 2012 Cortaca half time show, and threw some of the best parties I still get nostalgic about. I left that place a stronger, better, wiser person, and I would do it all over again.

2. Joining a Gospel Choir 

The gospel choir at my college was the only choir that fit into my schedule. I refused to give up singing so I joined, not knowing what to expect. At the time I didn’t even know if i believed in god. The whole subject of religion made me feel awkward, and when I walked into rehearsal on the first night I was completely taken out of my comfort zone. That choir ended up being a second family to me. I realized things about me I never knew. Shortly after joining I became a soloist for the group which earned me a scholarship my sophomore year! I stayed with the choir all four years, and found Jesus to be pretty awesome along the way.

3. Pledging a sorority 

Nothing was more intimidating than attempting to join a cult-like organization of flawless humans. These girls soon became the best friends I’ve ever had. I held various positions during my time with Alpha Phi that required me to master budget & project management, program direction and implementation, event coordination, and most importantly, how to always give everything you do your all. I found myself using my Alpha Phi experiences to answer questions on job interviews because most of the things I learned related to real-life work experience. It was difficult to balance a sorority with schoolwork and all of the extracurricular activities I was involved in, but Alpha Phi gave me the edge and advantage I needed once I entered the “real world”.

4. Starting my entertainment career with ESPN

I was 20 years old with very little experience when I signed my paperwork to work with ESPN at the 2012 NY Jets training camp. I worked on a segment of Sports Center as a Production Runner among legendary commentators Hannah Storm, Sal Paolantonio, and JAWS. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and I was petrified. I had to live alone for the week in the dorms and report on set every morning at 5am, walking past the entire Jets team bathing in ice. Working on that set was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I learned so much about live production and was eventually hired to work with ESPN for Syracuse University’s football and basketball season! ESPN gave me the experience I needed to enter the workforce after college.

5. Working in NYC

After I completed the best four years of my life at SUNY Cortland, I knew that working close to home was not an option. I knew I had to be in the city for my career. The problem was, I had spent the previous four years in a small town at a small college, where the local Walmart served as our mall. Upon graduation I found myself completely on my own, embracing the big bad city alone. It was not an easy transition. I commuted alone everyday, and sometimes it took over two hours to get home! but I got to know New York slowly and intensely. Before I knew it I was a true New Yorker, hailing cabs and riding the subway like it was my job. I fell in love, and after lots of interviews and nights spent on friends couches, I landed a job with my dream company.

6. Leaving toxic relationships in the past

Dating fails to be one of our generations strong points. Most of our relationships become toxic because Millennials seem to significantly struggle with finding themselves in their early 20’s, leaving them confused, frustrated, and unable to maintain healthy relationships. I reached a point where I had to sacrifice my fear of being alone for my sanity and well being. It killed me, but I survived, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve never felt so free.

7. Starting this blog

Have you ever read the comments on some of you’re favorite blogs and websites? Some of them are so viciously insulting. When I made this blog I knew I was subjecting myself to criticism. I knew that people might hate what I had to say, and that there was a chance that my goals with this blog would never be accomplished. I was cringing as I shared my first posts with the world, but I did it anyway, and now I can’t stop. I’ve got big plans for this project. This is only the beginning.

Embrace your fear. It WILL lead to something great, even if that something is just a lesson learned. If you missed my post on 6 reasons why it’s okay to feel fear, read it here!


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