Bikini-Body Ready: Get Summertime Fine Skin with these 7 Foods!

John Lennon said it best, here comes the sun little darling! All the moisturizer in the world wont be able to make up for what mother nature has done to us this winter.

If you suffer from dry skin like myself, topical treatments alone wont get the job done. Prepare for rejuvenation from the inside out with these 7 foods to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy.

1. Dark Chocolate

Is there anything that chocolate can’t cure? Choose a dark chocolate that contains 70% cocoa help thicken skin and boost hydration.  If your’re a fan of Lindt Chocolate, try the Lindt EXCELLENCE bar.

2. Olive oil

Case studied involving olive oil have proven that this magical ingredient could prevent heart disease, cancer, and DRY SKIN. The main type of fat found in all kinds of olive oil is monounsaturated fatty acids, which works wonders by lubricating your skin from the inside out. Just two teaspoons of olive oil a day will keep your skin and your health up to par.

3. Tomatoes

Besides the natural SPF- boosting lycopene, the selenium in tomatoes is an immune- booster that guards against skin damage and age spots. Add the mild tomato salsa to your order at Chipotle and you’re set.

4. Sardines

I used to eat sardines all the time until I was old enough to realize they were dead fish in a can. Give these little fish a try! Their omega-3 content is so rich fatty acids, which work to keep your skin supple by supporting elasticity.

5. Kale

As if Kale needed another line on its resume. For your skin, it contains the powerful antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin that eliminate free radicals. It’s also extremely healthy for you and can be cooked in tons of delicious ways. Try baking your kale in the oven to make KALE CHIPS. They are delicious.

6. Kiwi

If you don’t love kiwi’s there is something wrong with you. The fruit is packed with nearly TWICE as much vitamin as oranges, which boosts collagen production and reduces dryness.

7. Sunflower Seeds

A teaspoon is enough to get about a third of your daily vitamin E. They also contains zinc. Both of these strengthen membranes for a smoother complexion.

Don’t neglect your skin! Moisturize, exfoliate, eat clean, and drink lots of water. Check out my post 50 uses for coconut oil for all the ways coconut oil can help you get your skin ready for summer!

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