10 Things You Need For Your Vegas Vacation

There are only 60 days left until my 4th and most fabulous Vegas vacation yet. I fell in love with Sin City at the mere age of 20 when my mother decided to show me the ropes after surviving a successful trip with her girlfriends, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

A vacation in Vegas is easy to plan, inexpensive, and guaranteed to provide one of the best experiences you’ll ever have. Ladies, there are a few things you don’t want to begin your adventure in Sin City without. I’ve come up with this short list to help the first timers be prepared to survive the chaos that awaits you in Las Vegas!

1. Bikinis, bikinis, bikinis 

The best thing about Vegas is, without a doubt, their pool parties and day clubs. You will not be fully clothed for a majority of this vacation. Replacing your clothes and your dignity will be a series of bikinis.There are multiple pool parties on any given day of the week, so I recommend bringing 3-4 bikinis, or one for each day you’ll be in Vegas to be safe. A few of my favorite bikini vendors are Victoria’s Secret, Midori Bikinis, and Triangle Swimwear.

2. Life-proof phone case 

With that being said, you are going to get wet. After taking one too many selfies at Wet Republic on our first day there, my phone got splashed with water and was ruined for the remainder or the vaca. If you want to capture every moment during your trip you’ll want to purchase a Life-proof phone case, which allows you to use the device in water while swimming or surfing, as well as in rain, mud, sand, dust, snow or ice. The cases are a bit expensive, but it will save you the cost of replacing your phone. You can also get a few knockoff versions of the life-proof case on Amazon:


VersionTech IPX68 Waterproof Protective Phone Case

Cosycell water proof Apple iPhone Case

3. The perfect kimono

The hotels and casinos in Las Vegas won’t allow you to walk through them in a bikini. If you want to get away with bringing less clothing to the pool, you’ll want to purchase a kimono or bathing suit cover up that is long enough to hide the fact that you’re basically naked underneath.

4. Water bottles

Don’t let the bright lights on the strip fool you, you are in the dessert. The Las Vegas sun combined with the endless hours of binge drinking are going to make you dehydrated, and you DO NOT want to drink the tap water in Vegas. Before heading to your hotel I highly suggest purchasing a 24 pack of water bottles you can keep in your room. You’ll thank me later.

5. Water-proof mascara 

If you are going to wear makeup to the day clubs in Vegas, which you will, you’re going to want to purchase water proof mascara to prevent your makeup from running. You don’t want black lines running down your face or raccoon eyes when your twerking in the pool.

6. Comfortable wedges 

You’re going to want to bring a few pairs of comfortable wedges to wear to the day clubs and pool parties. Last year I packed two pairs, one pair in black and the other in a neutral/nude color. Steve Madden always has really comfortable yet stylish shoes you can last in all day/night long.

7. Body chains

A few body chains will do you some good in Vegas. They’ll provide a quick and easy way to spruce up a simple bikini. You should purchase 2-3 body chains as they do tend to break easily in the midst of all the chaos.

8. Spray tan with SPF

Don’t make the rookie mistake of going out into the Vegas sun without sun screen. A good spray tan with SPF will leave you bronzed and protected from those vicious rays.

9. Sunglasses

There is not a cloud in the sky in Nevada, so it obvious that you will need the perfect pair of sunglasses. Bring two pairs in case you loose one, which you probably will.

10. The Wraparound Terrace Suite at the Cosmopolitan Hotel

This year I decided to go all out and stay at the hotel I’ve been drooling over since my trip in 2012, The Cosmopolitan. My perfect job gave me 60% off of the Wraparound Terrace Suite and its safe to say that we all cried after watching this video. The best thing about this room is the wraparound terrace. It's perfect for pictures and pregames before engaging in a night of sin. Here are a few photos of the luxurious room we were trashing crashing in for three nights.

Meet my 2015 Vegas Crew! My crew is looking better than ever. We have a few first timers and some returning veterans this year, and I cannot wait to take over Sin City with these lovely ladies. I’ll see you all in hell.


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