MAC lipstick in Whirl!

Who isn't obsessed with MAC lipsticks? Whirl is one of MAC Cosmetic's newest additions to their Matte Lip CollectionWhirl arrived in stores on June 11th and graced my presence on my birthday as a gift from my little sister Nichole. A better picture of the actual color could be seen below ( The GIF makes it appear a little too brown).

Melody Alanna

I love this color because it combines a shade of nude with a pop of color in it's undertones. The description on the website is "dirty rose", love it. Whirl is perfect to wear in the spring/summer months with light neutral colors, especially white, which is the most popular color in my wardrobe. I pretty much only wear white in the summertime, as my Instagram followers like to point out:

PRICE: $16 (one of 22 lipsticks in the MAC The Matte Lip collection)

AVAILABILITY: Permanent, and coming May 28 to the MAC website and June 11 to MAC counters and stores!

Check out this short video I did on my YouTube channel! You can purchase MAC Matte Whirl online here

If you're looking for the perfect outfit to pair this color with, read 8 ways to rock an all white ensemble this summer here!


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  1. That lipstick looks AMAZING on you! Gorgeous girl! xxxxx