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How many times have you purchased a monthly planner hoping it would solve all your problems and make your life a little easier? I'm introducing you to the Passion Planner, a revolutionary lifetime, yearly, monthly, weekly, and hourly organizer that is designed to make your dreams, goals and ideas come to life.

The Passion Planner helps you break down your long and short terms goals into more actionable steps and gives you a place to incorporate these steps into your daily lives.

The Passion Planner can be purchased online for $29.99, but I'm giving it to you FOR FREE! I'm going to show you a simple breakdown of exactly how the Passion Planner works, but more importantly, how to make it work for you.

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1. Create your Passion Roadmap

This is the fun part! It's time to make your very own wish list by creating a Passion Roadmap. If you could have anything, be anything, or do anything, what would it be? No need to be realistic, write down everything you want!

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The Passion Roadmap is broken down into 4 time brackets:

Three years
One year
Three months

When you're making your wishlist, divide each wish into each of these categories.

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When you're finished, go back and circle one goal from each category that would have the most positive impact on your life. These will be the four goals that you are going to prioritize. They will pave the way for the next step: creating a passion plan.

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2. Create your First Passion Plan

It's time to get a bit more specific. You will create a time sensitive map based on what Passion Planner likes to call your "Game Changer" or the goal that will have the most positive impact on your life right now. (TIP: If you are unsure what to choose, simply write the goal circled under your three month section)

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For me, its developing my YouTube channel. So I made that my Game Changer, and gave myself a due date of three months.
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Now, you must list as many steps necessary to complete your Game Changer, number them in order of what needs to be completed first, and give each a due date.

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You have now completed your Passion Roadmap! You will use this road map as a guide and reference throughout the year to implement your goals into your monthly and weekly layouts. Each month you will create a game changer to complete the goals listed on your Passion Roadmap (TIP: You are promoted to redo your road map in July as a midyear reevaluation)

3. Monthly Check-In

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The Passion Planner prompts you to check in each month with the following four steps:

1. Go back to your Passion Roadmap and highlight any goals you reached or steps you completed

2. Choose this months "Game Changer" from your road map. Use the space on the bottom right to break the goal down into smaller steps and assign deadlines for each step.

3. Move these steps into their respective weekly layouts as checkpoints to track progress.

4. Reflect on the past month with guided reflection questions. (I LOVE THESE)

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Give each month a personal & work related focus, which will set the tone for what you want to accomplish, and set personal and work related projects and goals with due dates that will help your goals for the month be more measurable. There are also two pages per month for brainstorming purposes, so you can jot down any random ideas and thoughts that come to you throughout the month.

4. Making the Most of your Weekly Layout

This is when shit gets real. Passion Planner gives you an hourly grid to help get your daily tasks in order. Fill in your monthly goals into the weekly layout on their due dates along with as much information as you can beforehand. Otherwise filling in your weekly layouts as they come works perfectly for me.

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The great thing about the Passion Planner layout is that it gives you the room to make your goals work for you. You can use the Passion Planner whichever way you'd like. The most important thing about making your dreams a reality is realizing what works for you combined with consistency. Consistency is the key to success, and if done correctly, Passion Planner helps you create the consistency you need to see results.

Click this link to download the FREE PDF version of the Passion Planner: Download the Passion Planner

You can get the Passion Planner bound into a booklet at your local staples, or punch holes and put it into a binder. Either way, I highly recommend you give Passion Planner a try. If you're stuck in a rut, or just simply want to start fresh, this is a great place to begin investing in yourself!

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