My Debut Single "American Dreams" has arrived!

Melody Alanna

OMG! My debut single is finally here!

"American Dreams" is now available on AppleMusiciTunes & Spotify ! I'm still figuring out how to be an independent artist and it's definitely not at easy as it looks.  Thank you all again for supporting me. Click the player below to preview to my debut Single "American Dreams". I'd love to hear what you think so leave me a comment below!

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What is the American Dream? I don't think anyone answer that question without nervously thinking about the fate of our country TBD on November 8th. Well, I'm not here to talk about the circus of a presidential campaign that has made social media very entertaining over the past few months. I'm here to talk to about my innovative dream chasing generation, and to inspire the next generation of young girls and boys with dreams so big they can't sit still.

Melody Alanna

For those who are meeting me for the first time, my name is Melody and I'm here to deep dive into the passion and inspiration for my breakout single "American Dreams". I was born in Hollis, Queens and resided there until I made my move out to Brentwood, a small suburban town that recently made national headlines for a string of gang related murders. I had a wonderful normal childhood filled with pep rally's, cheer competitions, bullies, girl fights, and AOL chat rooms. After 21 years of spoon feeding from teachers, parents, guidance counselors, and lunch ladies, I was kicked off campus and thrown the big bad island of New York City. Like much of my generation, I had a really hard time after graduation. Student Loans had arrived, and reality sank in. I wanted answers, and my parents didn't seem to have any. I started searching the internet, looking for struggle stories that we're similar to mine, and embarked upon the realization that EVERYONE my age shared my struggle, and we all fit into a niche titled Millennials.

I wanted in. I studied my generation night and day, started a blog, and began interacting with other millennials that were using their voice to spread awareness. I remember reading an article about the American Dream and how it was dead. I REFUSED to accept this. What do you mean I won't own a home in the next few years? What about my white picket fence? My picture perfect husband? My dogs playing in our perfectly landscaped yard? I had a point to prove from that moment on. The American Dream is not dead, it has simply morphed into a concept with no boundaries; a concept that can be defined by the individual. The American Dream has transformed into what we are creating it to be. We are making our own rules for our future, and its glorious.

We live in a world that is far from perfect. Corruption, injustice, racism, poverty and much more all exist, but I wrote American Dreams (which I will share with you all later this month) with extreme passion in the fact that we have the resources, the tools, the technology, and most importantly the freedom to create the lives that we deserve. I'm going to continue to share American Dream success stories with all of you as I manifest my American Dream, with hopes to inspire you all to get whats waiting for you out there. Are you ready for the Promise Land?

Check out my Tumblr for behind the scenes photos from the "American Dreams" music video! I put my heart and soul into this project, I hope you all connect with it as much as I do.

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